And... if we go back to Marbella?

Marbella received during this month of January (2018) a total of 28,630 users, which has meant a considerable increase of 18.5% with respect to the same month during the period 2017. According to data from the Hotel Occupancy Survey of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) more than 74% of registered visitors come from abroad, which means a growth over the previous year of more than 24.5%.Golden Period for Marbella Tourism

This information is great news for Marbella and its surroundings (Puerto Banus, San Pedro, Estepona...), but it not only favors the tourist promotion of Marbella, but also the generation of wealth, since this influx of public contributes to important repercussions for companies, small shops and services in the area. There is no doubt that these are encouraging figures for Marbella and its recognized tourist offer.

As for the profile of the tourists who decide to visit this cosmopolitan city, we find visitors from all countries, such as the United Kingdom, Holland, Russia, Germany, the UAE and a number of other countries.

In this case, we will highlight a touristic segment already known in Marbella for years and that feels very identified with the diversity that this city presents and its fabulous standard of living. This is the Arab tourist segment, a profile that has always considered Marbella as its favorite tourist destination, due to the great lifestyle, its excellent location and the great connection of flights that the Malaga airport presents, located just 30 minutes from the airport. Marbella center.

It should be remembered that Arab tourism has always been present on the Costa del Sol for years and the flow of this tourist segment was decreasing over the years. But, we are currently facing the resurgence of this tourist segment, due to the wide range of flights to any destination and the direct connections offered by the Malaga airport, it is no longer a problem to land on the Costa del Sol.

According to DarioSur, next June 4, a direct flight between Malaga and Doha will be put into operation, which will travel four times a week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On the other hand, the airline of Saudi Arabia, "Saudia Airlines" has announced its new connections from Malaga to the capital Riyadh and even with Jeddah…

All these new actions favor "reconquer" that tourist segment that contributes so much to this multicultural Marbella. Because it should be noted that the profile of this tourist segment, is a profile with a high purchasing power and without any qualms in spending large amounts of money in order to enjoy a pleasant stay in this luxurious area of the Costa del Sol.

Another factor that will facilitate a greater record of this Arab tourist segment is the early arrival of Ramadan in 2018, during the previous years it has always coincided with the periods of high season on the coast of Marbella, but this year is different, the sacred month for Muslims ends on June 15, so it is expected that the arrival of visitors of Arab origin will increase significantly with respect to previous years.

Therefore, it is foreseen that the following trimesters will surpass the fantastic tourism figures already obtained during these first 4 months of 2018. Marbella is still one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and that is demonstrated every year with these fantastic numbers. 


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